Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brayden the Bee

Brayden surprised me one day and asked me if I could come to his Spelling Bee on January 13. First of all, I didn't even know the school was having a spelling bee let alone my own son qualified to represent the 5th grade for the contest. They had preliminary rounds in their classrooms and then had a school wide spelling bee contest in which Brayden competed. The winner of his school would then go on to represent the whole school at the Collin County spelling bee. I was so proud when I walked into the school gym and saw Brayden sitting on the stage. I could tell he was really nervous. That morning he was wishing he wasn't such a good speller because he was so nervous. His first word was "surround". He only said one "r" and was eliminated in the first round but I was so proud of him and could tell he was relieved to have it over. He blamed it on his nerves and I can't blame him...that is scary to stand in front off all your peers. Way to go Brayden!!!
(I forgot my camera, so the picture is from my phone)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baylee's Birthday!!!

Wow! I can't believe my baby girl is the big 10! I now I have two kids in the double digits...I'm getting old. Baylee had an exciting Birthday this year because she got to celebrate it twice. Her Papa Wayne's birthday is just 3 day's after hers and he is here for a visit. She had cupcakes on her actual birthday and a shared birthday cake with her Papa later. Baylee constantly makes us laugh and is a huge help with her brothers. Currently she is ruling the courts playing basketball. She is a great little baller. I keep forgetting my camera at her games but I will get a shot of her playing up here soon. Happy Birthday Baylee Boo!!!
Ten Candles!

Sharing the cake with Papa Wayne

The kids enjoying the cake and ice cream!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cowboys vs Eagles

BJ and I had the opportunity to go to a Cowboys home game. It was my first time to "Jerryland". We went with our good friends Brent and Nikki. With it being a playoff of game we had to settle for a Party Pass which means no seats. We didn't care! Just to be there in the atmosphere and watch the Cowboys dominate the Eagles was enough for us! We are such fans and love our Cowboys!