Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little Longhorn!

I had to post this after my last post...he really is ALL boy!

Pretty Bryson!!!

I know he will kill me when he is older but Baylee and I really wanted another girl so we played dress up. Hey, at least I didn't put a dress on him!

Weekend full of Sports

Just a taste of what our weekends are full of and while baseball PRACTICES have started the games have not. We start Arena Football this weekend too...should be fun!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

This is exactly how BJ sleeps!

Ozzy's new obsession

Ozzy thinks he needs to take a bubble bath everyday. He will sit and soak in the tub forever!

Braces off!

Brayden and Baylee got there braces off! They are now done with phase ONE. Baylee just got hers off yesterday and her gums are bit swollen due to the pressure when they took the expander off. She loves her smile and that alone is worth all the money spent and all the money yet to come when they will have to have full braces in a few years. Brayden tells me all the girls want him. Baylee got a special note from the orthodontist to give to her teacher stating that she has to chew gum due to orthodontic treatment and she loves to rub that in Brayden's face. Brayden has to wear a tongue suppressor to keep his tongue from pushing his teeth back out the way they were before. He's had that on for about 6 weeks and at his checkup yesterday the orthodontist had to bring it even lower because he somehow managed to get that tongue around it and was pushing his teeth back out. He has a bad habit he needs to break but all in all I'm very pleased with the results and best of all it has helped give them a boost of confidence. I did have to force Brayden to smile. Can you tell?