Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Championship!

What a fun week this has been for our family. Brayden played for the Division Championship tonight and won! It was an intense game that had all the parents standing. In the end we won, Rivercats 7 - Plano Phillies 6. I need to get a trophy case for all the kids' trophies we have around this house. Brayden had an awesome season. He played shortstop for the Rivercats. Not counting the playoff games, he had a .489 batting average, 21 hits, 12 walks, 6 strike outs, and the best on base percentage of .620. I hope y'all know what these numbers mean because I didn't until this season. I had to learn since they were talked about so often! Wow! No more baseball, softball, or T-ball. Now maybe we can be serious about planning our trip to Utah. Let's hope nothing else comes up for a while...I'm tired!

The trophies are HUGE!
Dog Pile!!! BJ threatened to jump on top and I've never heard boys scream like that!
Brayden and Coach Bobby

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Crazy Saturday...

Yesterday was one crazy day!!! I already mentioned it was BJ's birthday. We started out having to have Baylee at her All Stars game at 8:00 a.m. along with Brayden at his game at 8:00 a.m. Brayden had a play off game that if he won, he'd be going to the Championship game on Tuesday night. BJ had to be at Baylee's All Star game because he was coaching the girls and I was torn on which game to go to. They were both big games! Luckily they were pretty close in location. Baylee was set to pitch in the second inning of her game so I decided to watch the first half of her game and the second half of Brayden's. Baylee hit a triple and pitched a good inning. Her team won the game 7-1. Brayden helped lead his team to a win. He went 2 for 2 and a walk. They won 9-3. Now, he is off to a Championship game on Tuesday night. Go Rivercats! We then jetted to a park where Ozzy was presented his Trophy for Tball. He now has 4 trophies and is so proud! Right after we grabbed the trophy we sprinted home to change our clothes for the Heartbreaker's (Baylee's softball team party. We swam for a couple hours and ordered pizza. The parents showed their gratitude to BJ for coaching so well and a couple of girls parents told BJ whatever sport he is coaching, they want their daughter on his team. He was excited because he sometimes thought he was too hard on the girls. We then ended our crazy day by going to PF Chang's for BJ's birthday. What a day! Below are some pics of the kids in their activities....

12 Years!

This post is a couple weeks late but better late than never! I want to make my blog into a book someday and if I don't don't have an entry for our anniversary it will not look too good! This year, BJ and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on June 13. I can't believe it has been that long. We have been in Texas now for 4 of those years and I would have to say those 4 years have been the best because not living by my family, I have learned to depend on BJ and he has never let me down! When he asked me to marry him 12 years ago he said he would always make me laugh. Any of you that know him, know that he has followed through on that promise. Also, our family has a thing with the number "13". (don't ask) Instead of doing the traditional big "10" year celebration, we decided that on our 13th anniversary we will go away for a nice trip. We haven't really done something like this and I'm excited to hit this big mark in our lives. Love you babe!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday BJ!

This post is a day late and I wish there was some way to change the date it was entered to June 27th, but with the crazy day we had yesterday, there was no time to get it done. (more on why in the next post) BJ turned 34 years old! Wow, he is closer to 35 now than 30. We are getting so old! We had a good day and celebrated last night by going to PF Chang's with Brent and Nikki. I hope he had a good day! I wasn't able to make him his puffy pancake because we had to be out the door at 7:30a.m. so I need to make it up to him. Happy Birthday Babe!

P.S. My friend Julie told me how to change the date on your blog entry...check my comments and you can learn too. Thanks Julie!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We are the Champions...

Baylee helped lead her softball team to a division Championship. The Heartbreakers won the championship game 5-2. Baylee pitched the first 3 innings and finished on 1st base. She went 2 for 2 with 2 singles. I've attached 3 videos. One is of her striking the batter out. Another, fielding the ball and throwing the runner out at first. Last, is Baylee getting one of her singles. Turn your speaker up so you can hear her dad yell at her when she is trying to go to second...good stuff! BJ and I, along with our good friend Nikki, had a good time coaching this team. We hope to defend our championship in the fall!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Youth Ball Park...Plano, TX

Plano City and the Plano Baseball Association that Brayden plays in has a ballpark, called Youth Ballpark. It is absolutely beautiful. The city and the PBA keep this field in mint condition. The league tries to make it feel like a Major League experience with a play by play announcer, music between innings, lining up for the National Anthem before the game and announcing each batter as they come up to bat. Even though it's a Little League baseball park, it's groomed like a Major League baseball field. They try to give each team at least one opportunity to play on it each season. Brayden and his team had the opportunity to play on it last night. What a neat experience!

The field before game time
Brayden standing on the field just before the game
Lined up for introductions and National Anthem
Brayden's first at bat...hit a line drive into right center
Brayden running home
Brayden plays shortstop
Oz being a trouble maker...notice the squirt bottle

Bryson trying to stay was really hot!