Friday, October 30, 2009


Blake, Oz, Bryson, Brayden, Baylee, Karlee, Cannen, and Brenden...good times!

Batman pumpkin with my Batmans!

Love these hugs...they are the best!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ozzy and the Bills

This is Ozzy's first year of Football. He is four years old and on a team with Kindergartners and 1st graders. He looks so small out there but he gives so much effort and loves to play. He got to follow in his dad's footsteps and be quarterback at his last game and had so much fun. We can see him talking trash to the other team when he is on the line. He gets so mad when people call him "Shorty" and goes out fighting. He just makes everyone crack up. Here are few shots of him in action. I also got a video of one of his plays as quarterback. Sorry for bad quality. It was really windy.
Ready for his first game
When he played center, he was ready before everyone else

All lined up before team pictures.
He must of said something to upset that kid! :)

Crazy Fall Sports Season

I have been way behind on updating for a couple reasons, mainly because I've been too lazy but this Fall season of sports have been crazy. We have had so many cancellations due to rain that we are now having to play two games a weekend. This weekend alone, we had 2 tackle football games, 3 softball games, (including BJ's league),and a flag football game. It will be over in a couple of weeks and then it's on to 3 basketball teams! Ozzy gets to play this year!
Brayden's football team is having another great year. The Jaguars have been back to back Super bowl champs and we had a team move into our league this year just to play us. We had our first meet up with them and we lost 6-0. Our first loss in 32 games. I hate to say it but it was good for them to lose. I think they needed to be humbled a bit. I predict an awesome Super bowl since the boys will be out for revenge. Go Jags!
BJ is once again coaching Baylee's softball team. We are not having the best season. We lost a few key players since it's Fall ball and the new ones we picked up are a bit flaky. Baylee is doing awesome with her pitching and she can really kill the ball when she actually tries. I think next Fall we will put her in Volleyball since she wants to try that and keep her in Spring Softball. Anyway, here are a few pictures of Brayden and Baylee in action. I also included a couple of pictures of their #1 fan Bryson. Ozzy will have his own post since this is his first year in Football.